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      1. PRODUCT

        Our Four Advantages

        Be the most trusted supplier of daily necessities around you

        Free standing plant

        The factory covers an area of 15000+square meters and is an independent enclosed two three storey factory building. The plant area is planned reasonably to ensure the rapid and orderly production process


        The factory has an experienced professional team, advanced and sophisticated production equipment and strong product technology reserves to ensure the production of high-quality finished products


        Adhering to the concept of "integrity, quality, innovation and service", each product is affordable and has a high-quality experience, so that all people can apply it

        After sales worry free

        Any problems in the use of the product can be fed back to us, and we will contact you as soon as possible after receiving the feedback to solve the problem


        A company that always pursues beauty and excellence

        Guangdong Jieliang Daily Necessities Co., Ltd

        Guangdong Jieliang Daily Necessities Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of daily necessities and skin care products integrating scientific research, production and sales. At present, the main products include washing products, washing products, body care, and three categories. The product sale...


        Connect to the frontier information of the daily necessities industry



        • How can I teach you the ingredients of shampoo? Are

          The ingredients of shampoo generally include: 1. Detergent, cleaning effect; 2. Auxiliary agent, auxiliary cleaning, reduce irritation; 3. Conditioner, neutralizes the negative char...

        • What qualities are required for an excellent shower

          Speaking of shower gel, it is a product that we use almost every day. No matter how busy we are during the day, we always have time to take a beautiful bath to recharge our tired bo...

        • How consumers choose shampoo

          When consumers choose shampoo, they should first understand their hair characteristics, and then choose the right shampoo; Secondly, you should choose a brand that suits you. The sh...


        Shampoo Test Report
        Bath gel test report
        Detergent test report
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